Some good examples

Example #1 Example #2
Jaycees do windows  Gates 
Example #3
U.S. rips Ryder Cup
from Europeans' grasp

Example #4
Dr. Seuss, man of rhyme and reason, dies at 87

Example #5: “kicker” headline atop main headline

World ready for 'Gone with the Wind' sequel

Example #6
Halloween scares up snow
across much of Kansas

Example #7
(on a story about a lecture on “10 Great Myths about Men”)
Excuse me, myth,
but men aren't
really like that

Example #8
New burger targeted for McLean times

Example #9
It's filing frenzy time, and tax preparers deductsanity

Example #10 Example #11
Pianist keeps O Canada, say 
city's singers can you see it
in good tune was a mistake

Example #12
Somalia's strong eat
as its children die

And, finally, example #13
Superman to die,
so steel yourself

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