Catch the crooks
and recover the million-dollar ransom

Here's the story: A group of kidnappers has taken a family hostage.

     You must find the kidnappers and the money without any harm to innocent people. (And, in doing so, you will understand the difference between “that” — essential or restrictive clauses — and “which” — nonessential or nonrestrictive clauses.) 
     You must answer four questions to capture or kill the kidnappers, rescue the family, unharmed, and get the million bucks back (which you might keep to run down to Rio with an internationally-known fashion model who's also a good accountant).
     You must answer all questions correctly and in order or — boom! — innocent people will be killed, some kidnappers will escape, and you'll still be penniless, stuck in your small town without that internationally known fashion model!
    If you're ready, catch the crooks!

Idea stolen (which is appropriate, given the theme) from Lori Demo.