Problem headlines

Example #1: A case of “headlinese”
Law profs Avoid “forced” abbreviations
nix Thomas Oh, yeah, I'll bet you say “nix” all the time

Example #2: Huh? Are “chase” and “winds” verbs or nouns?
Police chase winds
through three towns

Example #3: Uhhh, OK, so what the heck happened? News, please!
USD #269 Board of Education meets

Example #4: Isn't it against the law to murder a drunk? Oh, now I see, it's
a potential witness to a murder who happened to be drunk?
Potential witness
 to murder drunk 

Example #5: It ain't Kansas; we're a cattle state.
Downtown hogs grant cash
Oh, the "downtown" is hogging cash from a grant!

Example #6: A poor choice. Example #7: How nice!
Cop picks Senate
open can presses
of worms vets suits

Example #8: Well, we THINK he's dead. Oh, a professor of “Greek thought.”
Professor of Greek thought dead at 59 

Example #9: Stop the presses! (Beware the no-verb headline).
Dead cats protest

Example #10: "dead" or "dead even"? Example #11: Spare the rod...?
Dole and Bush Teacher strikes idle kids
dead even in
Kansas polls

Example #12: This is taking planning too far. This is when you need to plan on using the verb “to be” (are) and the article “a” — Pope's plans are a headache.
Pope plans headache

Example #13: Everyone deserves good legal help — even if it is free.
Clinic gives poor free legal help

Example #14: Don't we all? Example #15: This gives church a bad name!
Lebanon chief 20,000 at mass
limits access for Polish priest
to private parts reported killed

Example #16: Those are smart cats!
Shooting cats to study
head wounds called cruel

Example #17: Now, twice as many? Example #18: Punishment fits crime?
S. Florida illegal aliens Police begin campaign
cut in half by new law to run down jaywalkers

Example #19: A euphemism for capital punishment?
Trial ends in mercy killing

Example #20: Man bites dog? Example #21: Now, that's a crime!
Owners responsible Woman off to jail
for biting canines for sex with boys

Example #22: Should have gone to the “10 items or less” line. It's quicker.
Sisters reunited after 18 years
in checkout line at supermarket

Example #23: . Example#24: Evening the odds?
I'd tell all, too Prison warden says inmates may have 3 guns
Threatened by gun, 
employees testify

Example #25: Personally, I refuse to hate Friday. TGIF!
Services for man who refused to hate Thursday in Atlanta

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