Do haiku & try a limerick

There is an old prof from KU,

              whose students read “Week in Review,”

        Oh, they rave and they rant,

        saying, “No time. We can’t!”
        But prof says, “I must read it, too!”

      OK, not a great limerick, but it only took two minutes to write! Writing haiku and limericks is good for headline writing, helping with meter, cadence and word choice. Headline writing is working in tight spaces and restrictions; same with poetry. So, give it a try.

Haiku: Three lines; they do not have to rhyme (5, 7, 5 syllables each)

Limerick: Rhyming and syllable pattern:

 A (7, 8 or 9 syllables*)
 A (7, 8 or 9)
 B (5 or 6)
 B (5 or 6)
 A (7, 8 or 9)

     *Note: If the first line is seven (7) syllables, the second and fifth lines require the same meter (seven syllables each, too); if the third line is five (5), the fourth line must be five (5), too. If you don't understand, please ask. Thanks.

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